Wrap dress V8379 completed



The wrap dress from my previous post is now all finished and done. I’m happy with the results and loving how out there girly and pink it is. But why wouldn’t it be? I like it.


I made view B from the V8379 pattern, which has collar and three quarter length sleeves with a vent. In the front the dress has two pleats. The fabric is, as I mentioned, a polyester knit with a nice drape. Almost best of all it doesn’t wrinkle, dry fast after having been washed and doesn’t need to be ironed. A perfect dress for traveling. I got the fabric from the great Gorgegous Fabric web shop. Looked but couldn’t find it there any longer, but boy does she have a lot of lovely printed knits.


Here you can see the work I did on the inside. As usual I used french seams on the side, back and sleeve seams. In the pattern description no finishing of the inside edges of the facing was included. I decided to make like a thin hem on the facing just for an more overall finished result. I also reinforced the sides of the hole for the wrap tie with stitches near the edges. The lower hem is finished with catch stitches by hand for a seamless result.



I hurried up finishing the dress in time for a family event , a christening, I was going to. The event took place a bit further north in Sweden in the church of the small village my family is from. I was christened in the same church once upon a time.πŸ˜‰ It was beautiful! Here you can see some pictures from the event and of me and my mom and of me in front of the church wearing the dress.


And finally a selfie in the mirror.


Happy sewing!


Wrap dress of my dreams


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Back again with my sewing machine after having spent some time apart. To celebrate the summer I’ve started on a wrap dress in a gorgeous bright pink and white poly knit from the Gorgeous Fabrics. However bough some time ago so I guess no longer available. The pattern is of course Vogue Pattern’s V8379.


Apart from being inspired by Diane von Furstenburgs famous wrap dresses in general my choice of fabric is inspires by this dress below in particular. My dream DvF dress.


There is even a version for Barbie…


So far I have traced and prepared the pattern with some minor adjustments and crawled around on the floor laying out and pinning down the pattern pieces properly. If one does not have room for a big table what is a girl to do? Besides, it is good exercise.


I finished the preparations by pressed on interfacing, a softer one with some stretch in one direction. Here are all the pieces piled up and ready to assemble.


Hopefully I can continue tomorrow.



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Slowly I’m doing some progress on the midnight blue dress I’m working on. This is how far I have come. The last step I did was to shape and press the neckline and catch stitch the seam allowance in place. There is no neckline facing on this dress as the lining will go all the way to the inner edge. Adding the sleeves, hand picking the back zipper and heming both sleeves and skirt is next. Hope to do that this weekend so I can start with the lining.

I did some research on the topic and did end up balance the back darts. The bodice front darts were so deep that I could cut them open and treat the access fabric inside as two separate seam allowances.

The pattern is McCall’s M5927 and I’m making view E, with the long sleeves.

I feel my sewing projects are a bit unsynked with the season. Long sleeves, midnight blue in colour and wool fabric would make this more a fall or winter project than a spring one. But from what I’ve heard we will have more winter seasons to come.πŸ˜‰

Happy sewing everyone.

Dressmaking at my kitchen table


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image by Annikas76
image, a photo by Annikas76 on Flickr.

Right now I am working on a midnight blue shealth dress with long sleeves. The pattern I am using is McCall’s M5927, which I think they have discontinued by now. This dress have been on my todo list even since I started sewing 2 years ago.

The fabric is a nice wool (YSL or something like it) with a bit of sheen. I’m trying to apply the couture techniques I have picked up. As you can see I for example have an silk organza underlining which I have treated as one with the wool and tread traced the seam lines on with hand basting. Today I hand basted the darts and some of the seams together to prepare to do some work on the machine tomorrow. However, I am still pondering the benefits of balancing the darts. I haven’t tried that technique yet but is it worth the effort?

Happy sewing

Kimono-inspired dress – Vogue V8825


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I have yet to show you my version of the Vogue V8825 dress. When I first sew this pattern I immediately fell in love with it because of the nice draping and front wrap. The Raglan sleeves gives it an interesting touch. I looked, and looked to find a fabric to go with it and then finally found a blue, white and black printed rayon knit. I also choose a contrasting solid black rayon knit for the tie and the sleeve cuffs.


2013-12-26 19.42.57

Me in a kimono in Japan 1998

The combination I think gives the dress a kimono-inspired look. as a young student I went as an exchange student to Japan. An amazing experience overall. One specific thing i got to experience there was to get dressed and done up in a traditional kimono and a geisha makeup and hair. Wow, how many layers of skirts and wraps there was to put on before the beautiful outer kimono was put on. I say “was put on” sins the layers were wrapped so taught and tied that you could not put them on yourself. Then there was the big wrap and bow around the midsection. Everything was so tight and I now understand why women in traditional japanese attire can only take tiny steps.

This dress is not as tight but it reminds me of the silhouette of a kimono. it has a quite long tie which can be tied either on the side or in the back. I prefer to tie it in the back.

VOGUE 8825

I extended front wrap a couple of centimeters in each direction on order to cover the bust more. Otherwise I kept pretty much to the pattern and instructions.

2013-12-20 15.39.42

2013-12-20 15.43.27

2013-12-20 15.44.04

2013-12-20 15.44.51

I finished most of the seams with a French seam. I’ve said it before, but I LOVE French seams in jersey. They give a luxurious finish, stabilizes the dress slightly and strengthen the seams. It feels very good to wear.

2013-12-20 15.47.49

French seam finish

The only issue I have with the dress Β is that the ties tend to be heavy in relation to the fabric. Now I used fabric two different fabrics but they were of approximately the same weight. As you can see on the picture below there is a tendency for the tie to stretch the bodice out of shape when not tied and hanging straight down. This is something I have to keep in mind while storing and putting the dress on.

2013-12-20 15.45.54

Here you can see how the ties weighs down the bodice.

I really love this dress and ended up wearing it on Christmas Eve, which I spent at my parents house. Here you can see me in the dress in two poses.

VOGUE 8825


2013-12-24 13.40.16

Happy Holidays!


Sending you all my love this holiday season. Until soon.


Butterick B5619 – jacket, skirt and dress for summer


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I’m soooo late with this post but a promise is a promise. Here is a more thorough post on the red jacket with matching skirt and contrasting dress that I made last summer. Though it was just roughly 4 months ago…

I made the ensemble based on Butterick B5619 – a Lifestyle wardrobe patterns with five different garments to mix and match. I made three.


I made the jacket with matching a-line skirt in a bright read cotton twill. A great choice for summer, though it wrinkles easily. The jacket had three quarter length sleeves, patch pockets, large lapels and black buttons. The lapels where 5 cm larger in the original pattern but I reduced them in order not to drown behind them.

2013-09-04 13.10.46

Here you can see the buttons and one of the patch pockets with a flap up close. I chose large black buttons to contrast the bright red.

2013-09-04 13.11.44

The jacket is unlined so I made a Hong Kong finish in contrasting black again to make it look refined also when open or not worn.

2013-09-04 13.12.14

I made the Hong Kong finish from satin bias tape. Here you can see all the covered seam allowances. I hemd the jacket by hand.


The skirt has a slightly slanted band in the waist which improves the fit just above the hips.


Instead of using a Hong Kong finish on the skirt I folded the raw edges of the seam allowance and saw close to the folded edge. I like this finish as it is very neat. I used the same finish inside the dress. I also hemmed the skirt and the dress by hand.

2013-09-04 12.58.13

I made the skirt out of a stretchy satin cotton lycra blend fabric. It is very comfortable to wear and doesn’t wrinkle much. It is hard to see because of the busy print but the dress has three sections on front and pack, a top, a midriff and a skirt. The midriff is sewn with self facing in double layers for some extra tummy support.πŸ˜‰

2013-09-04 13.01.39

And here is the dress with the jacket. A nice combo.

It’s over midnight here now so this has to be all for now

Sweet sewing dreams


Thread tracing


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I’m a bit off schedule with the french jacket due to traveling. However, before starting on that journey I’m beginning to work on a raincoat. I really NEED a raincoat and since I’m still not buying any clothes I’m about to make on for myself.

Today I am tread tracing the muslin.


Making a muslin is a good idea both for testing and improving fit and for getting to know the pattern better. Especially if the pattern is more complicated than average. I’m making a raincoat based on Vogue 1097 which looks like this.


Vogue 1097, OOP but still available on the Vogue Patterns website.


I’ll make the raincoat in a length in between A and B. To decide the exact length it is great to make a muslin.

The raincoat will be purple. This is the fabric. Hope I have enough.


Sewalong: The Little French Jacket


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I love the elegance of french style and I adore Chanel. Therefor I got very exited when I saw that The Challanging Sew and Thewallinna are hosting a sewalong for “the little French jacket”, or the Chanel-jacket as it might also be refered to.

Here are the links to the introduction posts for the sewalong:

I have decided to join the sewalong which officially starts October 6 with the first sheduled sewing post. But to prepare I have looked at some patterns and fabrics and made some choices.

For the pattern I have chosen Vogue 7975 which is one of the recommended patterns. I like to make a jacket that meet in the front but do not overlap. I’m thinking of hook and eye fastenings in the front. For fabric I went to the Linton Tweeds website. Linton Tweeds being a British fabric mill with long traditions, among other things being a supplier of boucle fabrics to Chanel for their tweed jackets. So perfect! From Linton Tweeds I ordered 3 yards of a metallic gray wool boucle. I hope that will be enough for both a jacket and a skirt. I was looking for a fabric that would go well both with black and with blue without being neither black or blue. The metallic gray here stood out for me.


Once I’ve gotten the fabric I will look at silk charmeuse fabrics for the lining and at trims.

Is anyone else going to do this sewalong?

Happy sewing!



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