The 2018 RTW Fast


This year I have once again committed to participate in the year-long RTW Fast Facilitated by the fabulous Sarah of GoodbyeValentino. The amazing number of  1030 participants from what I guess is around the world have registered for this challenge.

The challenge is described more in depth on the GoodbyeValentino blog. The invitation is  by now however closed. The essence of the challenge is though:

“The Ready to Wear Fast is a vow to abstain from buying clothes for one year. You will give up buying clothes from January 1 – December 31, 2018.  You may sew anything, and you may fabric shop as much as you would like!  The purpose is to Save Money and Improve Your Sewing Skills, but believe me, the rewards of the commitment will exceed your expectations.”

The reasons for me to join is to take charge of my consumption – both for the sake of my own wallet but also hopefully the environment. Sewing your own clothes developed ones awareness of quality, value and production procedures involved in the clothes one wears.

If you are curious there is a list of participants in this post.

Am so looking forward to all the sewing projects I have planed.


Finished: Butterick B6244 lisette dress

This week I finished the second garment for the year, a flirty tartan wool dress with faux leather details. This will be great now in late winter/early spring paired with a cardigan or a blazer and knee high boots.

Here you see the faux leather details on the side panels and the shoulders.

The satisfaction when pattern matching comes together perfectly!! This is in the waist in the front.

The back also turned out quite well. 

Also with the pattern matching…

The dress is fully lined with a black rayon. I handstitched it in place around the waist and along the zipper.

I used Buttericks pattern B6244, view B in the lisette collection. As you can see my independent creativity when choosing the fabric for the dress was limited. 😉 Though many times it is the picture or drawing on a pattern that inspires me. 

I made the dress in size 16 mainly with some adjustments in the waist and the lenght of the bodice, lowering the waist 2 cm. After having made a fit toile I also widened the sleeves a coule of cm and lowered the neckline sligtly. For the first time I used the new Sewing Planner from Cloette to make notes about the project. Qite fun to save and keep track of old projects like this.

The dress wasn’t to difficult to sew. The most tedious part was the edgr stitching along all the seams of the faux leather. Though the neat looking result made it worth while. Biggest problem with this kind of garment is however the fit around the bodice. I didn’ want to make it too tight so that it would be restrictive. But in the end it turned out slightly large around the chest and the bust area. I’m aldo considering adding waist stay to prevent the dress from riding up when I move, particularlt reach for things. Anyone else who ends up with this problem for dresses? Eventually I will also add bra-strap guards at the shoulders. (Something one can do on all kinds of tops and dresses, regardless if they are self made ot store bought, to prevent bra strapd from showing.

Ti summerize, I am happy with my make and hope to be able to make it work and wear it some day soon


My sewing pattern addiction and how I keep track of my patterns

I must admit it, I have a sewing pattern addiction. Seems I can’t get enough of them. So far I’ve mainly been obsessing about patterns from Vogue Patterns, McCall’s and Butterick and some of the vintage/retro patterns from Simplicity. So far I have 247 different patterns. I know that number for a fact because in order not to buy dublicates and to get an on-the-go overview of the patterns in my stash I have them documented in TapForms, an app on my iPhone. I got the idea of using TapForm from a Cloette blog post from 2014.

Here are some images from my record in TapForm.

For each new pattern I get I take a photo of the front and back of the envelope, the parment scetch on the first page of the instructions as well as on the image of the pattern pieses. The later is a big help when I just sit around browsing my records and fantasize about what and how of my future sewing project (which in my mind I have more time and energy to work on tahn in real life). I also download a professional image of the pattern from the pattern company’s site to use as the poster page for each.

I also note the rype of garment/s, the style, the year of copyright, sizes and general type of fabric for seachability. Sorry I keep my record in Swedish but I’m sure you get the main idea.

I know that I will never sew something based on each and every one of these sewing patterns, but that is ok. What kind and style of pattern I’ interested in for the moment differs over time. Right now my main obsession is vintage and retro styled patterns with a timeless and elegant look. Love both Vogue Pattern Vintage Model and Retro Butterick patterns as well as Patterns by Gertie, also from Butterick. 

Based on my interest in vintage/retro patterns I have recently however also been eyeing the SewOverIt and the Tilly and the Buttons patterns. They are also very lovely.

First finished garment of the year

Just finished my first sewing project of the year, a rayon jersey top with a draped neckline in black. Will be a wellcome addition to my work wardrobe. 

Used McCall’s pattern M6963, from the Palmer/Pletscher collection. After having looked at some other sewers project with this pattern on I decided to make view C with which have less drape than view A and B. To much drape could be a distraction.

Happy Sunday sewing!

Wrap dress V8379 completed



The wrap dress from my previous post is now all finished and done. I’m happy with the results and loving how out there girly and pink it is. But why wouldn’t it be? I like it.


I made view B from the V8379 pattern, which has collar and three quarter length sleeves with a vent. In the front the dress has two pleats. The fabric is, as I mentioned, a polyester knit with a nice drape. Almost best of all it doesn’t wrinkle, dry fast after having been washed and doesn’t need to be ironed. A perfect dress for traveling. I got the fabric from the great Gorgegous Fabric web shop. Looked but couldn’t find it there any longer, but boy does she have a lot of lovely printed knits.


Here you can see the work I did on the inside. As usual I used french seams on the side, back and sleeve seams. In the pattern description no finishing of the inside edges of the facing was included. I decided to make like a thin hem on the facing just for an more overall finished result. I also reinforced the sides of the hole for the wrap tie with stitches near the edges. The lower hem is finished with catch stitches by hand for a seamless result.



I hurried up finishing the dress in time for a family event , a christening, I was going to. The event took place a bit further north in Sweden in the church of the small village my family is from. I was christened in the same church once upon a time. 😉 It was beautiful! Here you can see some pictures from the event and of me and my mom and of me in front of the church wearing the dress.


And finally a selfie in the mirror.


Happy sewing!


Wrap dress of my dreams


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Back again with my sewing machine after having spent some time apart. To celebrate the summer I’ve started on a wrap dress in a gorgeous bright pink and white poly knit from the Gorgeous Fabrics. However bough some time ago so I guess no longer available. The pattern is of course Vogue Pattern’s V8379.


Apart from being inspired by Diane von Furstenburgs famous wrap dresses in general my choice of fabric is inspires by this dress below in particular. My dream DvF dress.


There is even a version for Barbie…


So far I have traced and prepared the pattern with some minor adjustments and crawled around on the floor laying out and pinning down the pattern pieces properly. If one does not have room for a big table what is a girl to do? Besides, it is good exercise.


I finished the preparations by pressed on interfacing, a softer one with some stretch in one direction. Here are all the pieces piled up and ready to assemble.


Hopefully I can continue tomorrow.



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Slowly I’m doing some progress on the midnight blue dress I’m working on. This is how far I have come. The last step I did was to shape and press the neckline and catch stitch the seam allowance in place. There is no neckline facing on this dress as the lining will go all the way to the inner edge. Adding the sleeves, hand picking the back zipper and heming both sleeves and skirt is next. Hope to do that this weekend so I can start with the lining.

I did some research on the topic and did end up balance the back darts. The bodice front darts were so deep that I could cut them open and treat the access fabric inside as two separate seam allowances.

The pattern is McCall’s M5927 and I’m making view E, with the long sleeves.

I feel my sewing projects are a bit unsynked with the season. Long sleeves, midnight blue in colour and wool fabric would make this more a fall or winter project than a spring one. But from what I’ve heard we will have more winter seasons to come. 😉

Happy sewing everyone.

Dressmaking at my kitchen table


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image by Annikas76
image, a photo by Annikas76 on Flickr.

Right now I am working on a midnight blue shealth dress with long sleeves. The pattern I am using is McCall’s M5927, which I think they have discontinued by now. This dress have been on my todo list even since I started sewing 2 years ago.

The fabric is a nice wool (YSL or something like it) with a bit of sheen. I’m trying to apply the couture techniques I have picked up. As you can see I for example have an silk organza underlining which I have treated as one with the wool and tread traced the seam lines on with hand basting. Today I hand basted the darts and some of the seams together to prepare to do some work on the machine tomorrow. However, I am still pondering the benefits of balancing the darts. I haven’t tried that technique yet but is it worth the effort?

Happy sewing