Happy New Year! 

Year 2013. This is the year when I will give myself the a challenge of a RTW fast and of sewing all my own clothes. This means that I am banned from buying any RTW garments for a year. That is 365 days!!   😉 However, I can sew whatever I want and am capable of. I was inspired to do this by the lovely and talented Sarah from Goodbye Valentino who introduced the concept of FTW fast. I’m also inspired and encouraged and by all the the nice people over at the Stitchers Guild Sewing Forum.

I see a couple of reasons for doing this RTW fast:

  • Sewing is fun and this challenge give me a good reason to sew more.
  • Shopping for clothes has become a to instant gratification experience for me. Having to make the clothes I want by hand will elongate the gratification.
  • I want to wear garments that fit me perfectly both in style and fit. My goal is to learn the skills of great tailoring.
  • Having quite an intellectual day job as a university teacher, researcher and author sewing my hope is that sewing will keep me in touch with the physical world and give me the satisfaction of seeing tangible results of my labour.

I will give myself some exception from the shopping ban. If absolutely necessary I may buy shoes, accessories underwear, socks and stockings and functional garments which I cannot make myself (rain gear, some outdoor/exercise clothes etc.). But as far as I can see right now I have all I need in these departments so hopefully I will be able to abstain from buying these kind of items as well.

Now, wish me luck…! And please let me know if you are doing something similar for 2013.