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In my teens, before leaving home to attend university, I used to sew. I remember I had an interest in sewing. I even took an evening course. But I was never happy with the results and nothing was ever wearable. I guess that was why I lost the interest for some 15-20 years or so.

Back in the days I used STIL or neue mode patterns, a german pattern company that does not operate anymore. But, here you can see the patterns I had back then. They are all from the early 1990s. Can you tell I all ready then liked suites? I still do.

2013-01-04 20.22.46

 From this pattern I made the dress A in dusty pink to wear to my junior high graduation. It still fits 😛 but the style is a bit to juvenile to me today.

2013-01-04 20.42.59

For this pattern I made a sexy little number as dress D in blue and white. However, I never wore in since I wasn’t a sexy kind of girl, back then.

2013-01-04 20.42.47

Here I made the jacket in view A. I made it in the course I took and it really turned out beautiful. I am still proud of myself for it. However, unfortunately I was to self conscientious to wear it. Today the design is too off fashion as it has broad padded shoulders  and a slim waist.

2013-01-04 20.44.15

I made the blouse with the hoddie from this one. Hoddies were awfully popular for a while in the 90s. Both the bouses and the jackets have biiig shoulder pads in these designs.

2013-01-04 20.43.16

Here I think I made the trousers. I would like to make the vest, though. It has a nice halter neck.

2013-01-04 20.43.40

Here I made the shorter skirt.

2013-01-04 20.44.38

This pattern is a bonus for you. I did not make it but my mother used it and made me the dress in view B. It was just too cute and I was so cute in it. Those were the days.

2013-01-04 20.24.36

 Some lessons I learned from my disappointments back then is that: 1) I need to use good quality fabrics to get good results. I used to use cheap polyester fabrics. No more! 2) measure the pattern pieces for fit and don’t rely on the measurements the patterns companies suggest. 3) Use sewing lines rather than the fabric edge as the reference point. 4) Reach out to others to learn new skills. The Internet is a blessing!!

Did any of you used to use STIL or neue mode patterns?

Happy sewing everyone!