The first top is finished based on the pattern Simplicity 2364. I used a rayon/viscos and spandex/elestan blend light to medium blue knit fabric. I made the yoke and the sleeves in a contrasting fabric, a quite sheer 100 percent rayon/viscos with an interesting texture. The yoke is folded into two layer which was fortunate to get some stability in the neckline are with this fabric.

This is the front. I’m sorry about the blurry focus of the pictures. There isn’t any real daylight available in Sweden right now. 😉


This is what the top looks like in the back.


When laying out the pattern pieces for this knit top I was determined to be very careful to find the absolute alignment with stretch direction. (When talking about knits you can not really say “on grain” since knits is not made up of vertical and horizontal grains of thread. But it is the equivalent of the knit I refer to, the direction that goes parallell to the vertical direction of the fabric.) I did this through finding the knitting lines that goes vertically in the fabric and then folding the fabric on one of those. This was a time consuming job as the knitting of the fabric is very small and I had to look very close and focused to find and follow the lines along the fabric. It is not always the knit line of the knit fabric is parallell to the edge of the fabric either, as you can see from how the fabric got folded.Image

However, I am pleased with the end result and hope to be able to wear the top both in casual and more business oriented outfits. This is how the top looks on me.


Happy sewing everyone!