Today I started to work on a new project. My eyes fell on this 2145 Simplicity Project Runway pattern quite early on in my short sewing career. I’m doing the version on upper right with a wrap neckline and a wrap midriff band. I’m attracted to it because it has a high and defined waist that is  a bit broader and because of the skirt that flairs out lower on the hip instead of from the waist. I don’t use fuller skirts very often since I feel they tend to put to much extra bulk around the tummy and hip area. The siluett of this pattern I however imagine should both skim and define my curves. But we’ll see. 


For this pattern I found this insanely beautiful printed rayon knit fabric with a lot of luscious colors. Here is a view just of the fabric. Isn’t it marvelous??


The first step of the project was today to trace the pattern to tracing paper. I always do that to avoid having to cut into the original pattern sheet. Hopefully tomorrow after work I will be able to cut into the fabric – if a dare – and in the weekend I will beginn sewing. Wish me luck!!

Happy sewing everybody!