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imageFor Me Made Monday today I’m at work wearing my new New Look 6150 striped top paired with a pair of Levi’s jeans.

When I got home I had gotten a package from the McCall Pattern Company (again). It had three patterns from the new summer collections, one from Vogue Patterns and two from McCall’s.

The new Vogue Pattern I chose is the V1351. A cute knit dress with simple lines, designed my DKNY. I love the Vogue patterns from DKNY in general and this one looks so easy both to sew and to wear. It is lined and I have a chocking pink viscos knit to make it in.

image[1]From McCall’s I chose M6756, a pattern for shorts in varying lengths. I like these because they do not have the front pleat that many short patterns have and it ends on the waistline rather than on the hips.

image[3]The other McCall’s pattern is M6752, yet another pattern for a knit dress or top. But I like these because they are quite flowy in the design, but it still chinches in at the waist.  I feel a bit repetitive when writing about the need to define the waist, but I hate feeling boxy and shapeless in my clothes.

image[2]This was the last incoming pattern order I have for now….so may I put in some new orders now? 😉 😉 I have had my eyes on some OOP patterns on Etsy.com.