Above is my stash of fabric. It was never my intention to accumulate a large stash of fabric. However, those “now or never” opportunities when seeing a great fabric at the store tend to emerge quite frequently. Also patterns tend to inspire me to go find fabric for the next great project, even through there are other projects already in que to be executed. My fabric stash is not overly large, but it is growing and starting to slip out of control. There for I thought I would do an inventory of the fabric in my stash and make it officially in order to create accountability for myself not to buy any more fabric until at least a couple of my planed sewing projects with existing fabrics are completed.

In this post I will share my fabrics with a plan. In the next one I will share my fabrics with no definite plan.

Fabrics with a plan – knits


This is a pink rayon blend medium weight knit fabric which I bought on sale and therefore have a lot of. My plan for this fabric is to make the Vogue 1351 DKNY dress and a summer top from McCall 6752 (probably version A).


This is another pink knit fabric, but heavier and with nylon in it. From this fabric I want to do this Butterick 5672 dress, the view with a short sleeve.


I was looking for an interesting fabric for the Vogue 8825 dress and found this beautiful rayon blend blue, black and white print. I want to find a black lightweight knit fabric for a contrasting sash.


The print knit on the picture above I bought at a sewers fair and later had a hard time figuring out what to do with if. I only have about a meter or so. Then I found the Vogue 8787 pattern and thought of combining it with a black knit fabric skirt for a contrasting skirt and bodice as in view F.

Fabrics with a plan – for summer


I found this striped two-way cotton fabric at the store and just loved it for summer. I came up making a summer “suite” of it, with a pair of shorts and a jacket. For this I have chosen this seasons McCall 6756 patterns for the shorts (probably a longer legged version) and Silhouette Patterns GA’s Jacket, pattern 1913. I will use the red side for the jacket and the blue for the shorts and then add details with the contrast.


This is one of my latest purchases, a deep red cotton gabardine fabric. From this I will do another summer suite, that will hopefully work also with the separates in the striped fabrics. I will do the skirt and the jacket from Butterick 5619.

Fabrics with a plan – for winter


It is hard to see from the picture, but this is a luxurious feeling midnight blue winter wool from YSL that I will make into a shell dress with long sleeves for the winters.


This is a gray tropical wool fabric with white and yellow stripes. I will use this to make vogue 8648 dress, sleeveless, according to the methods tought in the Couture dress class at Craftsy.com.

Fabrics with a plan – the next project


These two fabrics I bought last week for a cocktail dress for a party in a couple of weeks. It is a blue pearl satin polyester and a black nylon and polyester lace which I will combine in Vogue’s 8766 pattern, view E. Hope to at least start making this dress this weekend.

So, those are the fabrics I have a more definite plan for and which I regard as queuing to me made up. In my next post I will share my other fabrics for which my plans are still open.

Hope you enjoyed.