This is the second post in which I make in inventory of the fabrics in my stash. You can read the first one here.

Apart from the fabric I have a pronounced plan for I have a few fabrics that I not yet have decided what to do with.

Fabrics without a plan – wovens


This is a nice tropical weight bright blue wool fabric. I just can’t decide what to do with it because it has such a potential. I LOVE bright blues and could see this as a dress, a pant suit or even a tree piece suite. For some time I had decided to make the popular BurdaSyle 10/2012#118A cowl dress. But inspired by Marina at Frabjous Couture I reconsidered and probably want to make the cowl dress in a tweed fabric for winter instead. However, making a three or four piece base for a wardrobe capsule would have been great of yet time consuming. I believe I have about 2,5 meters but the fabric store still carry it so I might get some more to be able to make a whole collection out of it.


To match the bright blue wool fabric above I also have about one meter of this plaid fabric in which the same blue color is taken up again. This will probably be a straight skirt of some kind.


Talking about plaid fabrics I found this gorgeous green/blue plaid heavier wool fabric for a good price at a sewers expo I bought it because I have wanting to make a skirt like like this one I saw on Rachel Weisz in InStyle magazine (to the left below) quite a few years ago. It’s perfect for that. But I have more fabric than for a skirt so I have been thinking of maybe doing a jacket or cape or something like that as well. Maybe the cape from Butterick 5687, below on the right.



This is another beautiful wool in black and white with a slight sheen to it that I also got for a good price at the same sewing expo. I’ll probably make a dress for work/daytime or a skirt suite out if it.


Finally, this is another plaid wool fabric in black and white. It is actually a left over piece from a project I made in high school – a tailored jacket. I still have the jacket though I don’t use it as it was made when broader shoulders were still in. But this scrap piece is about 0,7 meters and could become a skirt or at least part of a skirt. I’ll hang on to it for a while longer.

Fabrics without a plan – knits

DSCN1321Hm, this is a sheer blue and white striped rayon knit fabric that I don’t know what to make of. The problem is that it is only one way stretch – in the directions of the stripes – which limits the possibilities. I used the same fabric but in purple and white for this top, which was a big mess. It made me realize I can’t make anything with a bias drape with this fabric – and be who looove bias drapes across the front of knit tops and dresses…

DSCN1323This is a thicker gray knit fabric with a mix of rayon, nylon and some polyester. I bought it for the Vogue 1341 Donna Karen dress, which in its RTW format has made an appearance on the TV-series Suits – there worn by the character Jessica Pearson. See below. However, after having felt the fabric some more I realized it will be too heavy for a dress like that. I might make a jacket instead.



Finally, I have these two plain cotton knits. 1,5 meter each, one in deep purple and one in mauve/rose. Might become tops or dresses for summer.

So, that is everything reviled. All the content of my fabric stash. Except from this I just have some lining and underlining fabric in a paper bag in my closet and some smaller scraps from previous projects collected in one drawer.

Fabric stash inventory

I don’t think my stash is overly large. But living in a small appartment with little space for storage makes even a small stash bulky. I need to keep it in control.

How are you all doing with your fabric stashes? Do you think you have too much? Or to little?

Happy sewing, everyone!