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Slowly I’m doing some progress on the midnight blue dress I’m working on. This is how far I have come. The last step I did was to shape and press the neckline and catch stitch the seam allowance in place. There is no neckline facing on this dress as the lining will go all the way to the inner edge. Adding the sleeves, hand picking the back zipper and heming both sleeves and skirt is next. Hope to do that this weekend so I can start with the lining.

I did some research on the topic and did end up balance the back darts. The bodice front darts were so deep that I could cut them open and treat the access fabric inside as two separate seam allowances.

The pattern is McCall’s M5927 and I’m making view E, with the long sleeves.

I feel my sewing projects are a bit unsynked with the season. Long sleeves, midnight blue in colour and wool fabric would make this more a fall or winter project than a spring one. But from what I’ve heard we will have more winter seasons to come. 😉

Happy sewing everyone.