I must admit it, I have a sewing pattern addiction. Seems I can’t get enough of them. So far I’ve mainly been obsessing about patterns from Vogue Patterns, McCall’s and Butterick and some of the vintage/retro patterns from Simplicity. So far I have 247 different patterns. I know that number for a fact because in order not to buy dublicates and to get an on-the-go overview of the patterns in my stash I have them documented in TapForms, an app on my iPhone. I got the idea of using TapForm from a Cloette blog post from 2014.

Here are some images from my record in TapForm.

For each new pattern I get I take a photo of the front and back of the envelope, the parment scetch on the first page of the instructions as well as on the image of the pattern pieses. The later is a big help when I just sit around browsing my records and fantasize about what and how of my future sewing project (which in my mind I have more time and energy to work on tahn in real life). I also download a professional image of the pattern from the pattern company’s site to use as the poster page for each.

I also note the rype of garment/s, the style, the year of copyright, sizes and general type of fabric for seachability. Sorry I keep my record in Swedish but I’m sure you get the main idea.

I know that I will never sew something based on each and every one of these sewing patterns, but that is ok. What kind and style of pattern I’ interested in for the moment differs over time. Right now my main obsession is vintage and retro styled patterns with a timeless and elegant look. Love both Vogue Pattern Vintage Model and Retro Butterick patterns as well as Patterns by Gertie, also from Butterick. 

Based on my interest in vintage/retro patterns I have recently however also been eyeing the SewOverIt and the Tilly and the Buttons patterns. They are also very lovely.