This week I finished the second garment for the year, a flirty tartan wool dress with faux leather details. This will be great now in late winter/early spring paired with a cardigan or a blazer and knee high boots.

Here you see the faux leather details on the side panels and the shoulders.

The satisfaction when pattern matching comes together perfectly!! This is in the waist in the front.

The back also turned out quite well. 

Also with the pattern matching…

The dress is fully lined with a black rayon. I handstitched it in place around the waist and along the zipper.

I used Buttericks pattern B6244, view B in the lisette collection. As you can see my independent creativity when choosing the fabric for the dress was limited. 😉 Though many times it is the picture or drawing on a pattern that inspires me. 

I made the dress in size 16 mainly with some adjustments in the waist and the lenght of the bodice, lowering the waist 2 cm. After having made a fit toile I also widened the sleeves a coule of cm and lowered the neckline sligtly. For the first time I used the new Sewing Planner from Cloette to make notes about the project. Qite fun to save and keep track of old projects like this.

The dress wasn’t to difficult to sew. The most tedious part was the edgr stitching along all the seams of the faux leather. Though the neat looking result made it worth while. Biggest problem with this kind of garment is however the fit around the bodice. I didn’ want to make it too tight so that it would be restrictive. But in the end it turned out slightly large around the chest and the bust area. I’m aldo considering adding waist stay to prevent the dress from riding up when I move, particularlt reach for things. Anyone else who ends up with this problem for dresses? Eventually I will also add bra-strap guards at the shoulders. (Something one can do on all kinds of tops and dresses, regardless if they are self made ot store bought, to prevent bra strapd from showing.

Ti summerize, I am happy with my make and hope to be able to make it work and wear it some day soon