This year I have once again committed to participate in the year-long RTW Fast Facilitated by the fabulous Sarah of GoodbyeValentino. The amazing number of  1030 participants from what I guess is around the world have registered for this challenge.

The challenge is described more in depth on the GoodbyeValentino blog. The invitation is  by now however closed. The essence of the challenge is though:

“The Ready to Wear Fast is a vow to abstain from buying clothes for one year. You will give up buying clothes from January 1 – December 31, 2018.  You may sew anything, and you may fabric shop as much as you would like!  The purpose is to Save Money and Improve Your Sewing Skills, but believe me, the rewards of the commitment will exceed your expectations.”

The reasons for me to join is to take charge of my consumption – both for the sake of my own wallet but also hopefully the environment. Sewing your own clothes developed ones awareness of quality, value and production procedures involved in the clothes one wears.

If you are curious there is a list of participants in this post.

Am so looking forward to all the sewing projects I have planed.